• OctoberTour Tweed Ride Coming Up!

    Take a ride through Salisbury's historic district - in style!
  • Late Summer Re-Set

    Hello Friends and Supporters! It's been an extremely busy summer at the shop - more folks than ever have asked for bikes and bike repair. Because o...
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  • News and Updates during COVID-19

    Shop News and Updates for COVID-19
  • Celebrating Black History Month with bikes and meditation!

    What a fabulous community! We love using the bike to build connections - it always brings people together. Getting outside of your bubble to hear and see the world around you..that’s what riding means to us.
  • Cranksgiving 2019 with The Pedal Factory Salisbury, NC 11/24/19

    ANYONE can do this ride! Need a bike? We can help you out. Get in the giving holiday spirit and bring several friends
  • Bowling For Some Bones 2019 Bowlathon Fundraiser at Woodleaf Lanes

    BOWLATHON 2019 Is in the books!!! It was the best one yet - SO MUCH gratitude for all of you who made it happen, sponsored, supported and had fun with us. Check out all of our sponsors and participants! See you in 2020!
  • 2019 Summer Wrap Up

    When did summer get so short?? Hard to believe it's back to school time already. It definitely still feels like the dog days in the shop...but we a...
  • May Is National Bike Month

    May is National Bike Month!!! We are excited about bikes year round, but it’s pretty cool that a whole month has been designated to celebrate the t...
  • To You and Yours For 2015

    Let us go ahead and say “Happy Holidays” to you and yours. 2015 has been a big year for us. We met and came together as seven unique individuals w...
  • A big day for Salisbury, and an even bigger day for The Pedal Factory

    Today was a big day for Salisbury, and an even bigger day for The Pedal Factory. About 30,000 of our residents spent a beautiful afternoon downtown...