Earn A Bike





How do we make bicycles accessible to all individuals? At The Pedal Factory, you can earn a bike, used parts and more. There's no cost to participate, just a willingness to learn and lend a hand. 

EARN A BIKE: The Earn a Bike program is the heart of our organization. We began by offering any individual the opportunity to receive a bike at no cost in exchange for volunteer service. While there have been some modifications along the way, Earn a Bike is still the main way we make bikes accessible. 


(13 AND OVER) - Appointment required for the Earn a Bike program. After an initial consultation, we'll set up a time for you to get started. Requirements include: Volunteer service, bike maintenance and safety information, and a short ride to make sure you know how to operate your bike safely. Adults receive a helmet, lock and set of lights (for those who use bikes for transportation). It's not a difficult process at all, but it does require a commitment of time and willingness to be a safe, responsible cyclist. 

YOUTH (UNDER 13)  - Youth requirements center around learning to be safe and responsible! Youth should expect to spend a few hours in the shop trying out tools, learning the rules of the road, and showing their skills during a brief safety ride. Parents must be present with their children. Biking is a lifelong family activity!

EARN SHOP CREDIT: Any volunteer service with The Pedal Factory may be exchanged for used parts and accessories. One hour of volunteer service gives you $5 of shop credit. Most of our used parts average $1-$15. 

Contact us to set up a consultation or appointment for Earn a Bike.