The Pedal Factory Trail Care Crew ~ Local Trail Building and Maintenance Salisbury, NC

The Pedal Factory, a 501(c)(3) non profit located in Salisbury, NC is now home to The Pedal Factory Trail Care Crew.

The trails at Salisbury Community Park have always been built and maintained by local volunteers. This effort has resulted in a fantastic trail system just minutes from downtown. Needing a bigger footprint and nonprofit status, our local volunteers have merged efforts with The Pedal Factory so that we may collaborate on trail advocacy and growth. With the support of the city of Salisbury, The Pedal Factory Trail Care Crew is our initiative to foster and expand maintenance and construction efforts at Salisbury Community Park.

This partnership will allow the team to broaden its trail work, apply for grant funding to improve outdoor recreation in Salisbury, and provide more active opportunities that both children and adults can enjoy.

More About the Trails at Salisbury Community Park

The trails at Salisbury Community Park have grown by 3+ miles over the last few years. Among the improvements are new singletrack trails, a jump line, and a flow line. Eagle Scouts from local Boy Scout Troops have built two bridges that provide opportunity to grow the trail system.

The park is currently being mapped, with plans for improved signage throughout. Once completed, the map will will show all trails as well as emergency routes, facilities, and key points in the park. As part of the continued trail betterment and expansion at Salisbury Community Park, the jump line and flow trail were completed in early 2019. Since the addition of the jump and flow line, ridership on the trail system has increased substantially, drawing riders from different local and regional areas. The jump line caters to all ages and skill levels and includes many jumps, rollers and berms. The flow line, which is adjacent to the jump line, is friendly to all ages and skill levels, and includes rollers and berms to make use of the natural downslope of the terrain. Most recently, the new Green Briar Trail was completed with the help of funding from Rowan County and the City of Salisbury. Volunteers worked with Salisbury's Bike Pedestrian and Greenway Committee to contract with local professional trail builder Joseph Litiker of Black Diamond Trail Designs to sculpt a mile of trail that beginning mountain bike riders will love. The new rollers and berms snake through the woods at the park, bringing a fresh challenge for all riders unlike any other trails in the county.

Our Trail Care Crew needs your help! Trail Workdays are an excellent opportunity to get involved. Check out the schedule and get in touch with the crew to lend a hand. No experience is required.

Trail Work Day Schedule

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