Meet Our Crew!

Bob Paolino

Bob Paolino - Board Chair. Founding Member. E-Bike Enthusiast. Owner of Woodleaf Lanes. Often found on a stage - either acting or singing the blues. 

Mary Rosser

Mary Rosser: Director and Founding Member. Always on the go and seeking the path less traveled - usually on a bike. Background in Health and Fitness. Mom. Wife to Todd. Aspiring Mechanic. Operates Salisbury Bike Tours. Bike Camp Leader and Let's Ride Rowan teacher. Advocate for active transportation, animals and the environment.

Dylan Horne

Dr. Dylan Horne: Shop Manager and Lead Mechanic. Treasurer. PhD in Civil Engineering with Bike Safety Focus. Advocate for bikes, pedestrians, public transit and active transportation, as well as the simple life. Artist. Musician. Traveler. Teacher. Builder. Loves to sleep outside, tour by bike and train, and keep life interesting.

Karissa Minn

Karissa Minn: Board Secretary / Founding Member. Freelance writer formerly of The Salisbury Post and Catholic Charities. Committed bike rider -  roadie and contributing Zwift enthusiast - dabbles in mountain biking. Not a fan of early morning meetings. Wife to Mark.

Sharon Earnhardt

Sharon Earnhardt: Founding Member / Sunday Social Ride Coordinator. Advocate for cycling, active transportation and wearing helmets. LCI Instructor. Grandmother otherwise known as "Bowl Mimi." Runner. Enjoys riding bikes and supporting local wherever she goes. Loves to read and can be found bowling occasionally. Penn State super fan, often seen with a Borzoi named Hannibal. 

Al Heggins

Al Heggins: Board Member. Salisbury's first female African-American mayor. Current Mayor Pro Tem. Lifelong public servant. Army Veteran. Community Builder. Seeker of equality and justice always. Fluent Spanish speaker. Rolls on a bike named Aunt Bea. Wife to Isaac, Mom and Grandma. Mr. Bigg's favorite human.

Bill Feather

Bill Feather: Board Member. Mayor of Granite Quarry. Mountain bike enthusiast. Sometimes E bike rider. Trail builder and co-founder of Woodside Bike Park. Husband to Kathy, Father of two. Pennsylvania born and raised. Steelers fan for life.

Linda Bartlett

Linda Bartlett: Board Member. Retired Educator. Avid traveler and seeker of new places. Rowan Literacy Council Volunteer. Wife, Mom and grandmother known as "Lupe" to 4 amazing grandchildren. Loves Rail Trails, learning Spanish, vacations and gardening.

Todd Rosser

Todd Rosser: Board Member / TPF Founder. Volunteer Extraordinaire. Master bike mechanic and solver of any bike problem. Owner of Codist Creative, Inc. Webmaster. Screenprinter. Graphic Designer. Singlespeed enthusiast with a passion for lifting heavy things. Husband, Father and self professed Chihuahua guy.

Joe Bartlett

Joe Bartlett: Former Board Member / Current Recycling Coordinator. Retired engineer with Norfolk Southern. Navy Veteran. Volunteer at NC Transportation Museum. Sailor and collector of old boats. Still riding the same bike he bought in the 60s. The original bike recycler of Rowan County. Known and loved as "Dee" by many.

Tim Faucette

Tim Faucette: Original Shop Volunteer. More hours wrenching and more hours riding than anyone in town. Fixed gear fan and singlespeeder for life. Always willing to lend a hand. Rescuer of abandoned bikes and neighborhood fix-it guy.