Our Story ~ Making Bikes Accessible

The Pedal Factory began in Salisbury, NC, in 2015, with a vision of including all individuals as potential cyclists. We believe everyone should have access to a bicycle, regardless of age, income, or background. Knowing this area is a great place to ride a bike - for transportation and daily commutes, recreation and fun, or just improved health and fitness - we also recognize the benefits to the community as a whole when more of its citizens are on two wheels.

The Pedal Factory has grown quickly since establishment. Hundreds of bikes, repairs and other donations have come through our doors, we’ve moved into a larger space with more open shop hours and we’ve made plenty of modifications to our program along the way. Our focus has remained on providing bikes to our community. Because of you, our volunteers, donors, supporters and patrons, The Pedal Factory is stronger than ever. Join us, support us, and work with us to keep recycling bicycles!!

" We see value in giving our community the tools to get started and keep rolling….and so we created The Pedal Factory, where the only thing necessary to become a cyclist is the desire to make it happen."

  • Bob Paolino - Chairman of the Board / Founding Member
  • Mary Rosser - Director / Founding Member
  • Todd Rosser - Treasurer / Board / Founding Member
  • Linda Bartlett - Secretary / Board
  • Sharon Earnhardt - Board / Founding Member / Social Ride Coordinator
  • Dylan Horne - Shop Mechanic / Board
  • Karissa Minn - Founding Member / Board
  • Bill Feather - Board Member
  • Al Heggins - Board Member
  • Joe Bartlett - Recycling Coordinator