Pathfinding and Pedaling - a month long riding event

February is here - and we've created a really cool event to honor Black History month. This year, our Black History ride is a do-it-yourself scavenger hunt style adventure. Just print out the cue sheet below, plot a course and go on a fact finding mission. Listed sites all have local historical and cultural significance - so get started on your journey towards understanding the stories surrounding local black history. Once you've found all the clues, turn in your completed cue sheet to the shop, and we'll enter your name into a drawing for a prize basket that's full of good stuff! 


- You have all month long (til Feb 28th) to gather your answers. Yes, you could google some of these, or drive...but riding there is so much fun!! 

- We will tally points at the end of the month. Every correct answer is worth a point - you must earn at least 7 points for entry into the drawing. 14 points = 2 entries, etc.

- You must return your completed cue sheet to the shop for entry into the drawing. Feel free to slide it under the door when the shop is closed; if coming during business hours please wear your mask.

- You may complete this with a group and enter individually - it's all good! Stay safe, follow all traffic safety rules and wear your helmet! 

- A few suggested black owned businesses to check out locally are listed below - FIND ANOTHER COMPREHENSIVE LIST INCLUDING ARTISTS, PERFORMERS, MUSICIANS AND CREATIVES at VIBES SALISBURY - ONLINE. 

if you know of some others please help us spread the word:

Start your journey here:

Pathfinding and Pedaling - Cue Sheet