To You and Yours For 2015

Let us go ahead and say “Happy Holidays” to you and yours. 2015 has been a big year for us. We met and came together as seven unique individuals who all share a common vision of creating something positive for our community, and we have centered it around bicycles! The board members of The Pedal Factory have been strategizing, fundraising, dreaming, scheming, ripping carpet, repairing roofs, and making great connections throughout Salisbury in the past few months. Today we visited the Salisbury/Rowan Farmers Market, and the people who braved the cold and took time to speak with us gave us more proof that we are a welcome addition to the community. We are so proud of what the citizens of this town are accomplishing, from local farmers and artisans to movers and shakers around town...and we truly hope to continue the love and enhance the momentum. Thanks for the donations, the encouragement, the interest, the excitement and the positive energy. Here’s to an even bigger and better 2016!!! Don't forget about The Pedal Factory Bowl-A-Thon coming up January 9th, 2016