Late Summer Re-Set

Hello Friends and Supporters! It's been an extremely busy summer at the shop - more folks than ever have asked for bikes and bike repair. Because our normal way of collaborative working and sharing hasn't been an option due to COVID, we've taken on drop off repairs and plenty of bike builds to meet the public's demand. It's helped us earn income lost from cancelled fundraisers and been amazing to see so many of you embrace biking. 

At this point in the summer, a handful of us have worked many hours voluntarily in an un-airconditioned shop. We've had some great help along the way, but also have found ourselves needing a serious break. Supplies and new parts are limited from our wholesalers because of supply chain interruptions, so at this time we cannot take on any drop off repairs. We will gladly do so again when we feel exhausting our volunteers and our supplies isn't likely. Our mission to make bikes accessible through our earn a bike program must take priority. We will consider extreme earn a bike cases and will also work to rebuild our used bike inventory for sale.

For those who have bike builds or drop off repairs in the shop now, we are using this time to catch up on those and will absolutely get your bikes to you. Our Wednesday shop days are going to be used to reorganize after 5 months of crazy. If you have a repair need and no funds to make it happen at another shop, let us know. We will try to help. But understand that our most skilled mechanics are VOLUNTEERS who also work a regular job. The dedication shown through the past few months will now be rewarded with a break and shop re-set. As always, we thank you for your support and look forward to welcoming the community in our doors again, when the timing is safe, supply chains have recovered, our folks have had a chance to diffuse some burnout, and the weather inside the shop isn't so unbearable! Peace, love and bikes to all of y'all.