Well, we started out the year committed to a news post every quarter and here it is mid-April with no first quarter post! To put it mildly, the year has been busy. January was spent getting the shop cleaned, organized and ready to rock. Our amazing volunteers Steve and Gary fortified and improved the breakdown table, giving some much needed order to that area. We've revamped the Earn a Bike checklist once again - adding an initial consultation and easier tracking of bikes for us, as well as a contract that all participants must sign. This helps us underscore the importance of maintaining a bike and riding safely, as well as share what it means to become a shop ambassador and advocate for all cyclists. So far, feedback has been positive. It's more important to put safe, responsible  new riders on the road than just hand out lots of bikes with no concern for what happens once they leave our shop. 

Beyond that, the first quarter of the year has been spent coaching our Rowan Rockhounds mountain bike team. It's a lot of time and energy, but this group is so fun and really have come together as a team this year. We were bummed that our local race at SCP was cancelled due to unfortunate weather. We have 4 more races happening around the state before the end of May.

Other news - we're deep into planning the 2nd annual Spring Roll! Join us June 3rd for a fun street party fundraiser. We're changing a few things up to make it more accessible and showcase what we do! Our goal is a carnival style atmosphere for celebrating bikes, family fun and maybe some good old fashioned competition in the form of contests and an alleycat ride/race. 

Before that, we'll kick off the season of riding with BIKE MONTH! Read all about it here.  Check out our Sunday social rides and join in the fun. Prizes will be given all month long to cyclists who participate. 

Last, many have asked about Summer Camp. We're partnering with the city of Salisbury this year and we couldn't be happier! They're handling registration and a whole lot more, making our job way less stressful! Expect the same fun, community-oriented vibe and energy. Lunch is provided daily and camps run Mon-Thurs. Campers should have a bike that works properly, be able to start, stop and ride without training wheels, and must wear a helmet.We'll have two weeks available this summer for elementary and middle schoolers. Stay tuned for possible family tour camp events later on! Register for camp RIGHT HERE.