A big day for Salisbury, and an even bigger day for The Pedal Factory

Today was a big day for Salisbury, and an even bigger day for The Pedal Factory. About 30,000 of our residents spent a beautiful afternoon downtown, lining the streets to be entertained by beauty queens, marching bands, boy scouts, dancers...and a very dedicated group of cyclists. Yes, the annual Holiday Caravan has already come and gone, marking the official start of the holiday season. For The Pedal Factory, the parade marked a beginning as well; it was our “coming out” party in a way, as we gave Salisbury its first introduction to who we are and what we hope to accomplish.

With bikes fully blinged out with Christmas decorations from handlebars to hubs, we rode an interesting route to the start in Spencer, where we assumed our place in line and let our excitement build. We rode as a group in our matching yellow t-shirts and Santa hats, helping to spread holiday cheer along with our message and mission. We all stopped randomly along the route to hand out candy, stickers and cards to the crowd. We offered a brief explanation of The Pedal Factory, and with each interaction the response was the same: “That’s so cool! Where are you guys located?” So here’s where we are, Salisbury...we need your help to find and secure a space to provide our programs. We need financial contributions, along with donated bikes, parts, and your commitment to join us in our cause. Help us empower our city by getting more people on bikes and giving the education necessary to keep us all rolling forward together.

Of course, let’s also try really hard to grow our parade group every year! It was so incredibly fun, and we invite you to join us!!