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Open Shop Time Is Here Again!

Several people have asked when we will be open again - if we wait til everything is perfect, we won't ever open!! So, come on down this Saturday and see the new shop, help us continue getting it organized and just be a part of the general awesomeness!!! A few new items and procedures to be aware of:

- We have some new tools! Just a few items to help make work stations better and repairs easier. These tools come directly out of our budget. If you enjoy using what we've got, help us keep going by taking care of the tools and donating funds if you've got them! We are only as great as the support from our community allows!

- Earn A Bike procedures will be a bit different. We have a check in desk for everyone who wants to earn a bike. After checking in, you'll be given volunteer duties to help with, and after 4-8 hours (roughly 2 workdays), you'll choose your bike and make any necessary repairs, then ride home happily! Volunteer tasks include shop cleanup, mechanical assistance, organizing, breaking down bikes, and building bikes, along with lots of events outside the shop, administrative help and more.

- AS ALWAYS - NO TOBACCO OF ANY KIND. Please, no smoking anywhere around the shop (even outside by doorways) and no chewing tobacco. Also, No alcohol, drugs, weapons of any kind, offensive behavior or clothing. We require shirts and shoes, closed toe shoes are best. 


Most importantly, thanks for being so excited about the new shop! Hope to continue to serve Salisbury  and cultivate a cycling friendly culture here. Can't wait to share more of our plans as they evolve. We've got some cool community event involvement coming up, so be on the lookout for announcements. Also, let us know what you want out of the Pedal Factory too! How can we serve you better? We are open to all suggestions!

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