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What's the real story here, Salisbury?

Smaller town life means you usually know the news before its printed. You wake up to find there are already 75 Facebook comments on something that happened to you that you aren't even aware of yet! That's life, not just in Salisbury, but around the world. So you probably already know the bit of excitement that gave people something to talk about Monday; but if not, we can fill you in here. 


It seems sometime in the wee hours of Sunday morning, someone (or a group of someone's) took it upon themselves to push the "tickle your ivories" piano outside our shop through the window of our storage space. Now, this is not ok, for sure. Someone worked hard on that piano, someone has to pay for glass to be replaced, and the public won't be able to enjoy that aspect of our shop anymore. We, as the volunteers who run The Pedal Factory, had to drop what we were doing to handle police reports and check for theft. We answered questions and took calls related to the incident all day. A day that was supposed to be spent celebrating the 14th birthday of our child was overshadowed just a bit. That is unfortunate.


Here, though, lies the most unfortunate part of this story. Many comments were made about the incident through social media - most were typical “I’m sorry, That sucks, Why?” etc. There were a good number of comments stating that it was the work of people with “nothing better to do” and that “downtown is not safe.” Now, we have been open about a year and half now, and this is the first negative thing to happen to the shop. Nobody took anything from us, and there was potential for that for sure. We so appreciate the thoughts and opinions on the matter, and knowing that people do care about public art and community causes really means a lot. But what would really make the situation better is for everyone to take action on those comments. We would love to have also read a comment stating, “What can I do to help out?” “How do we reach more people in town to show the many alternatives to ridiculous behavior??” 


Each workday we scramble for volunteers. We spend a lot of time fundraising and grant writing. We work hard to be involved in this community because we love it, and all the people in it. We want to give people here something to do - and we are. Whether a person wants to build a bike, help us out with keeping the shop running, or learn more about mechanics or bike riding, we are here. We would love to offer the workshop to the public more often, that’s our long term plan…and we can do that with just a little more support from the community. There are so many other great causes and organizations in town dedicated to “giving people something to do” - not just as volunteers but as participants in the programs. So, if you find yourself bored, or making plenty of comments online about the latest news, look around and ask what action you can take to help make the changes you’d like to see downtown. There’s plenty to do!!!

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