Our Mission: "To Make Bicycles Accessible To Kids And Adults."
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The Pedal Factory opens its doors to the public February 6th 2015

We’ve set a date, people! As in, it’s officially for real. The Pedal Factory is set to open its doors to the public next week!! Our official first day will be February 6th, with the shop available from 2-6 pm. What does this really mean, you ask?? It means that next Saturday you can bring your beat up old bike thats been gathering dust in the back of the garage down to 218-B S Main Street, and we will totally help you figure out how to give it some life again. Or maybe your kids really need to learn to pump their own bike tires now, and they just won’t listen to you. Bring ‘em on down and our volunteers will give them a grand lesson in PSI. Does earning your own bike sound awesome? Perhaps you really are just interested in how a bike gets put together, and think it would be swell to just hang out in a bike shop. All of these are great reasons to come check us out, but we do have a rule that you must be working on something when you visit us! We didn’t put “Factory” in the name for nothing, after all!

That being said, we would love to show people around next weekend and give a good idea of what we are all about...So bring a friend or a bike if you like, but definitely come see us with a willingness to learn and maybe put in a little sweat equity. We charge nothing and promise you’ll gain something! Our shop hours will be the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month, from 2-6. Though we don’t actually “open” until Saturday afternoon, we will give a lucky few a sneak peek of our space at our ribbon cutting on Feb 5th at 9 am, and then that evening at the Wine About Winter event from 5-9.

Join us as we make it official that morning with some local VIPs, and then again at night for wine and festivities. Hope to see you in the shop soon!

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