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Square D Corporate Team Building Event Recap

Two weeks ago, we had the opportunity to expand our reach within this community. We realized what “teambuilding” really means, and we wanted to share our perspective a little more. For us, our goal has always been teambuilding - yes, we focus on building bikes, but beyond that, opening our workshop to the public means bringing people together to work towards a common goal. That is the essence of teambuilding in our opinion! 

Schneider Electric was looking for a way to positively impact the local Salisbury area, while also strengthening their employees’ relationships. Lucky for us, they wanted to have their employees build bikes to be donated back to charity. Asking us to be part of this process was incredibly rewarding. While planning this event, we strengthened our own team of volunteers and felt a renewed sense of purpose as well! We really enjoyed the process of creating games and fun challenges to sprinkle into the bike build, and would love to be able to provide another one of these workshops again. Not only was it fun to watch everyone build and give away the bikes, it was gratifying for us to facilitate the whole thing and learn more about ourselves in the process. 

Huge thanks to everyone who was part of this event. Jackie Leonard at Schneider Electric really went out on a limb with us - she took a chance on our ability to successfully operate the workshop because she wanted to support a local organization. We feel so thankful that she trusted us with this task! Not only does it allow us to pay our rent a little longer, but we truly gained valuable experience! We had several people step up to help ease the process on our end with cleanup, prep and general assistance. Sharon Earnhardt, Bob Paolino, Joe Bartlett, Linda Bartlett, Sara Bartlett, Tim Faucette, Karissa Minn and our super volunteer Michael (who showed up at the right time!) took the time to do some of the groundwork that led to the event. Also thanks to Eric and Skinny Wheels for helping with the bike order.Thanks to everyone for pitching in. We are so proud of our team!!

If you would like information about one of these events for your organization, please contact Mary at The Pedal Factory!

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