Our Mission: "To Make Bicycles Accessible To Kids And Adults."
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A Year Of Open Doors

It’s been a year since we first opened our doors to the community. Wine about Winter was our introduction to the downtown area, and we felt full of excitement and enthusiasm. The year has been an absolute whirlwind of activity at the shop, and we can honestly say we have the same passion for bikes and the earn a bike project. It really is hard to believe how far we have come in just a year. It’s been a process of growth and development; finding our place in this community, and working to impact lives in a positive way through the bicycle. We’ve tweaked things here and there, learned on the fly, and made slight adjustments….and not just to bicycles! We’ve changed tires, brake cables, saddles and attitudes. The one constant is our mission: making bicycles accessible to EVERYONE! By pursuing that mission, we’ve met some awesome people, made invaluable friends and connections in the community, and learned much about ourselves, our city and our neighbors. We are looking forward to 2017 bringing in even more bicyclists, volunteers, and friends. It seems a fitting time to share some of the stories that have impacted us over the past year.

Linda Rogozinski was our very first earn-a-bike recipient. She embodies just what drove us to begin The Pedal Factory.

Q: How did you hear about TPF?
A: Found a business card at Sidewalk Deli.

Q: Why did you choose the earn a bike program?
A: My car broke down last December 2015, and having a bike has allowed me to get back and forth to work as well as running errands.

Q: What have you learned about cycling since visiting the shop?
A; I am able to troubleshoot and repair just about anything that could go wrong on my bike.

Q: What’s the best thing about Salisbury?
A: Community involvement

Q: Fun fact about you:
A: I am a "wannabe" chef.

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