Our Mission: "To Make Bicycles Accessible To Kids And Adults."
311 East Council Street Salisbury, NC 28144

2019 Board Of Directors

When you move about the streets of Salisbury, you’ll notice more than just our historic homes and quaint local shops. You’ll notice people of all kinds out and about, whether working or playing. As a small town, we are a diverse community, and have just as many people using bikes for transportation as for health and recreation. Here, you’ll find all kinds of riders, from the social cruiser, serious road racer or to neighborhood kids, all alongside the “invisible biker,” someone for whom the bicycle is his or her only means of travel.

The Pedal Factory began with the goal of including all individuals as potential cyclists. We think everyone should have a bike, regardless of income, age, or background. We believe the Salisbury community is a great place to be a cyclist, with the means to really use a bike for necessary daily commutes, just for fun and fitness, or for both. We hope to see more kids riding to school alongside their parents, and we want to help make that happen. We have a vision of a collaborative workspace, where qualified volunteers help people from all walks of life learn to build and maintain their bikes. 


Executive Director: Mary B. Rosser

Shop & Facility Manager: Todd Rosser

2019 Advisory Board

Karissa Minn | Sharon Earnhardt | Bob Paolino | Joe Bartlett | Linda Bartlett

" We see value in giving our community the tools to get started and keep rolling….and so we created The Pedal Factory, where the only thing necessary to become a cyclist is the desire to make it happen."


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